On reflections and going back “home”

One of my favorite travel bloggers shares her perspective on going back home and how to stay a traveler at heart.

infinite satori

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

Jack Kerouac

_DSC7572 copy

I started this blog a year ago. I used it to document my self-transformation, my journey, and to inspire others somehow with my photography and writings. A few months before this blog was born I had made the decision to quit college. I felt as though I wasn’t serving my soul’s purpose. I woke up and dragged myself to school everyday with this strong nagging feeling that I just wasn’t supposed to be there. That I needed to be somewhere else, doing something better with my life. Doing something that would fulfill the desires of my heart. So I decided to pursue photography and something I have dreamt of since I could remember: to travel the world.

And I did.

I spent three weeks with my friend in Costa Rica and Panama. Then I came…

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One thought on “On reflections and going back “home”

  1. Great read. I totally agree with the work pressure and materialism in society. I have just recently returned from a five month trip myself and am struggling ith the realities of home. People thinking I’mmaking mistakes and giving up my career because I simply desire to travel again. I am also a travel blogger. I wrote an article just last week called ‘Do you work too hard? A reflection on life’s little decisions.’ It’s similar to this with reflecting on the decisions we make, how we work too much compared to other countries in the world, how we need to not be so materialistic and experience happiness on a daily basis. You should have a look if you are interested. Great blog by the way! An thanks for sharing this with me. It made my day a little brighter 🙂


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