On reflections and going back “home”

One of my favorite travel bloggers shares her perspective on going back home and how to stay a traveler at heart.

infinite satori

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

Jack Kerouac

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I started this blog a year ago. I used it to document my self-transformation, my journey, and to inspire others somehow with my photography and writings. A few months before this blog was born I had made the decision to quit college. I felt as though I wasn’t serving my soul’s purpose. I woke up and dragged myself to school everyday with this strong nagging feeling that I just wasn’t supposed to be there. That I needed to be somewhere else, doing something better with my life. Doing something that would fulfill the desires of my heart. So I decided to pursue photography and something I have dreamt of since I could remember: to travel the world.

And I did.

I spent three weeks with my friend in Costa Rica and Panama. Then I came…

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