Out of gas in the middle of nowhere



It’s been almost three months on the road already and Hitchhiking have always been something I wanted to try but I still never had the courage to not book that train or bus ticket and instead just take the road and let go of any negative thoughts, meeting other hitchhikers didn’t help much, it inspired me, no doubt about that, but  what really did it for me and made me go like oh it’s a piece of cake is this: two days ago, I was travelling by motorbike to Lodge Cave, known as the biggest cave in Asia, 2 hours away from Pai, Thailand where I was staying.

On my way back, to my surprise, I ran out of gas and found myself in the middle of nowhere, for about twenty minutes I had to push my bike, or ride it when I would go on a downhill, and have cars pass by until I got exhausted and decided to take a break when I was on one pretty bad steep, so I started asking for help until an old man stopped with his bike and saved my day, he didn’t speak English but I could easily explain to him what was going on, he first shook my bike and magically started it, and that bought me a hundred meters or so, just enough to get me to a small shop where they sold gasoline, which I would never have guessed if it weren’t for the old man.

Hitchhiking doesn’t seem so difficult anymore, In fact. I have been told so, repeatedly by a friend I met In Busan,Korea and in Hongkong too, Marouen considers it a personal challenge to see how far one can go to kill the fear of the unknown. the best part about it is that he always has a crazy story to tell like the time when he Hitchhiked two different police cars in one night in China and had the police help him find new cars to get to his destination.

I can’t wait to try this and let you guys know how it went, so wish me luck !

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