My trip to Busan, South Korea


After one unforgettable week in Tokyo, I head over to Busan,Korea, following my original itinerary. Now, here is the thing, I knew Tokyo would put the bar way too high and I can’t lie to you I was kind of afraid of getting bored there, but since  Korea was awesome enough to welcome Moroccans with no visa required, thus less headache, and more freedom, I stayed 3 weeks in Korea, 10 days in Busan and another 10 in Seoul, before departing to China. Continue reading


Out of gas in the middle of nowhere



It’s been almost three months on the road already and Hitchhiking have always been something I wanted to try but I still never had the courage to not book that train or bus ticket and instead just take the road and let go of any negative thoughts, meeting other hitchhikers didn’t help much, it inspired me, no doubt about that, but  what really did it for me and made me go like oh it’s a piece of cake is this: two days ago, I was travelling by motorbike to Lodge Cave, known as the biggest cave in Asia, 2 hours away from Pai, Thailand where I was staying. Continue reading

My trip to Tokyo


Some would call it crazy, some would call it adventurous, and many have already called it irresponsible, my long planning, has just come to an end, and now the fun part has just started.
Six months In Asia, first stop Tokyo. Now if you asked me before I got there, what do you know about Japan, Yassine?  My answer would be very shallow and naive, and so would everyone else who has never been there. Continue reading