My trip to Vancouver


Going to Vancouver was a decision I made as soon as I saw I had enough points in my Aeroplan account that  I can’t use in my trip to Asia since I’m eligible to get a free flight only if it’s a round-trip, it was kinda the same way I went to New York last November, I can’t stress enough how travel credit cards reward points pushes you to travel more, since it kills that indecision and hesitation we have before planing a trip. It all falls into the philosophy of making things happen by doing before too much thinking, and by booking your flight somewhere you don’t have that time to over-think it and come up with some excuse to stay home. I did the same with planing my long trip to Asia, I know very well that waiting for the perfect time to go Vagabonding is going to kill my chances of ever going, so the trick is to do things that puts you in a position of no return or backing up, for me it was applying for multiple travel credit cards, including the ones that comes with annual fees and big bonus points.

My trip to Vancouver  turned out to be an amazing, to the point that I might move there when I come back to Canada, not only because it is warmer in winter, but also for its beauty, plus being close to California just made it  better.

I have to say that my friend  who lives there definitely made it easier for me to fully experience the city in a short time as four days.  having a car let me see the what the beautiful British Columbia has to offer,  though it would be a totally different story in summertime, I couldn’t complain about the temperature being far better than Montreal.


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