6 things I learned after 6 months into blogging

Before I started this blog I had the chance to meet someone who travels full-time during my trip to California last summer and seeing it first hand-made me believe I can do it as well. As soon as my short trip ended I started looking up ways to make money while travelling, I always knew that rich people accumulate their riches not by exchanging their time for money like how most jobs are, but instead exchanging value  for money. It was simple and clear enough for me and I attacked that concept in every way I could:

1- I tried two different affiliate marketing programs, that taught me many good principles on making money online and blogging, from blogging daily to focusing on building and audience and a community rather than get sucked in all the traffic numbers and SEO.

2- I then started a blog where I would write my travel stories as well as my thoughts to inspire other to live their dreams, I’m focusing on writing as much as possible more than anything right now.

3- I learned how to edit videos, thus get a higher quality camera and start learning  about photography from scratch.

4- I started reading more books than ever before, and therefore having the privilege to recommend the good ones to my friends, hoping they wouldn’t miss great reads like:

think and grow rich   how to win friends and influence people   the alchemist
5- I took some acting and modeling classes, which helped me enormously to be more confident and charismatic and then be able  to attract the right people that would help me in my journey.

6- I am currently doing a 30 day challenge where I interact with strangers to make both my and their day better, I always end up having more stories to write about.  It’s truly a life changing experience since it easily makes me stand out from the crowd, I will surely talk about it in more details once I finish the whole 30 days, since I already have a separate journal I keep for myself.

On a general note and  more importantly,  I learned how to live each day to the fullest, not just skip through it but reflect on it by taking notes in my Iphone and writing down good ideas that pops up in my head when I would be in the middle of work designing some heating/cooling machine because ideas are good when fresh, this definitely got me called in to my boss’s office a couple of times though.

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