Planing a trip is overwhelming

Few weeks back I had this question from a friend on Facebook : how is the planning of the trip? I looked at it and I felt the need of hugging the person maybe because it was the first time I actually got asked that exact simple question since I’ve been planing this trip for at least five months, I felt like I wanted to pour in everything to this friend I only talk to from time to time on Facebook, but I managed to squeeze into one sentence : “Its overwhelming actually, No one have asked me that exact question, I can write a book about it”
There is nothing more frustrating in planing a trip than dealing with visas, which requires booking many flights and stays well in advance

IMG_6617the beach 2


As My flight is getting sooner and most of my bookings are done, I passed that stage of stressing out over little details like which date of which airline is cheaper than another, with time and repetition I learned to get things done quickly rather than waiting for the perfect circumstances, because we as humans tend to put so much pressure on whether we will make the right decision in every situation, but the matter of the fact is that we could never possibly have enough information to make one right decision, for the simple reason that the data we can take into consideration for decisions making is infinite.

I no longer blame myself if I later find out that I didn’t pick the best choice, because I know I did my best in that moment when I first bought that flight ticked or booked that hostel and not another. I got  used to it actually, how many times have I missed a good deal with one day, bought the wrong camera, or even wasted money on affiliate programs, but what I can never forget is when I went to an airport one week before the actual date, yeah planing is overwhelming, I know I can’t be the only one.

Two weeks before the big date and I can say that the best thing in planing a trip for me was packing my stuff into my backpack, it took me a whole day, but it felt amazing after to the point that all that stress got replaced by feelings of happiness and accomplishment.
I know it may sound too early for most experienced travelers out there but for me, it was part my steps that keeps me going forward feeling motivated and accomplished, plus you can’t beat down how good it is checking off things from my long to do lists.

The last six months were no ordinary for me, from living a boring life of going to work and sitting in front of a computer only to do the same thing after getting back home, no purpose whatsoever, to learning new things everyday about travel-hacking,blogging, photography, video editing, acting, and without forgetting ways to make money online. it all took an epic up turn when I put my mind into doing my best to  travel the world. I will get into more details in a separate post to cover every aspect of how this goal changed me.

Although I can’t deny I had to break through many obstacles to get to this point, I have to admit that these movies, shorts and videos like these helped me a lot :

the beach lionardointo the wildvicky christina barcelonaeat pray love


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