Dream big and set unrealistic goals

confort is the ennemy of achievement
In the last four years I went through huge changes in my life, only because I was introduced to this Idea about having big dreams, early in my life, and how they shape your future without even realizing it. At 18 years old I decided to leave Morocco and go study in Canada and thanks to my mom who made this huge step possible, I started my independence life, and had to overcome many challenges that I believe made me who I am today, like having a first job while going to school,  19 years old, I was really  skinny  and because that defined me almost all my life it was really hard to change it. However after reading some good articles on the subject I eventually started going to the gym, with everyone staring at how skinny and weak I looked, I could have easily dropped it and quit, but that’s not me, I know better, I know that anything new looks scary at first and even painful, I had to hear that guy in the changing room, telling his friends to come and see me taking off my shirt, thinking I couldn’t understand Moroccan, I had to puke after eating too much on the way back home from the gym that one time. and that didn’t stop me, if anything, it only pushed me to work harder. I believe that having an exact image of how you want to look like in a predetermined time helped a lot as well, Sooner than I thought, after about 6 months I saw huge difference and a year later I got the body that made me proud to take my shirt off and have everyone telling me you got big, how did you do it?

I had to say this story because  it is so precious to me as it changed a whole path for my life, it allowed me to gain confidence and experience new things I couldn’t do when I was just avoiding any social situation. That’s why I always recommend people to hit the gym if they want to be successful in life. I then started going out more than ever before, and just like most guys I got good results in the first few months because it was all new to me, but soon enough I reached  that point when I stopped getting  anything new from it, so I started looking for a new thing that would make me  busy and decided to finally take a trip to California which got me back on track and made me go: “Maaan I’m moving here sooner or later, I don’t care, I will do my very best to be able to live here”.
Now this is what I call  creating a new dream after reaching a plateau, during a skydiving experience there, I met a guy who actually travels the world, when he explained to me how he’s living his life like that, I imagined myself doing the same thing and it felt good, this is how he did, and I’m not saying it’s the only way nor the best, here is one his posts on Facebook: ” Officially jobless, what an amazing feeling. I’m in awe of the possibilities and thankful I’ve been so blessed to do whatever I want in life, go wherever I want in the world. Don’t tell me I’m lucky, just realize I have all this opportunity because of determination, motivation, dedication and plain and simple i worked my ass off the past decade.”  and that blew me away because I just got introduced to the idea of early retirement. after that I met James through blogging who introduced me to the new Rich lifestyle and made me realize this is actually possible for anyone to do.
Dreams can change you just have to put one and focus on it. don’t over think it when you feel a lack of purpose in your life, instead go do something, take a new class, learn a new language or a new skill, or travel the world for a year, and come back with a whole new perspective on life. My first dream was to come to Canada, my second was to get the body I wanted all my life, my third was to find a job in engineering after my college degree, unfinished, I decided to go travel for at least 6 months to Asia and then come back and figure out how I could move to Los Angeles.
Jim Rohn was right when he said, it doesn’t matter how big your dream is and whether you achieve it or not, what matters is how your dream will affect you, changes you to a better version of yourself without you even realizing. In my case I learned countless things since I decided to start a blog where I share my thoughts and experiences, from editing videos to mixing music to writing to even reading fast, it even made me want to have more stories to tell everyday, and how can I do that if I go to work and come back home each day with no new thing experienced? Exactly, no way. Following your dreams changes you, I have heard many times from close friends that I’ve changed, which they may not like at first because naturally people just don’t like adapting to new things. Remember that a big unrealistic dream is only made of smaller goals achieved daily, monthly, and annually.
In this regard I want to share one of my favorite speeches by Jim Rohn, if you want to check it out click here.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked about how he managed to occupy Hollywood top box office for years with his strong accent and his freakishly big muscles, he said that he applied the same principle that got him to be the bodybuilder that he was. He applied the principle of putting something in your mind and desiring it in a really deep way, visualize that goal like you already own it and your subconscious mind will do the rest and make it look like everything just seems to fall into place, if wealth is your goal, picture yourself like you’re already owning that exact amount of money you wish to have, and your acts and decisions will all benefit you and go to that direction of getting rich. You may accidentally meet people who somehow help you in your path, you may see opportunities you never could see before because you focused on that one thing so badly, it’s a little bit like when you own a red car and all you can see are red cars around.  The beginning is usually easy actually, it gets harder around the middle of your way to your goal, but what many people fail to understand is  how close to achieving their goal are, the temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed, this picture says it all :


An inspiring and profound speech from Alan Watts explains a concept that may surprise you called the dream of life:

Some people just don’t know what to do in their life, they feel like they don’t have a purpose or even a dream, I understand that since I’ve been there quite a few times, but what I did is create a dream from nothing instead of getting depressed. Here is my best advice: do what makes you want to work with no time constraint, for instance when I edit my own travel video or write about something in this blog, or even go out and strike up conversations with strangers, I forget time, food, gym, sleep, because  when I finish anything , I feel like a million dollars, even if no one even saw what I did, I feel amazingly happy and that’s what counts to me.

“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” – Confucius

Yassine L.

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