Which side of the screen would you rather be ? Part II

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”  ― Groucho Marx

Here’s an average working person’s daily routine: wake up at 8 am, go to work,  finish at 5 pm,  come back home watch some TV, eat dinner and go to sleep.

There is one psychological Study that  has shown  how to make your day a good day or the best day,  besides your work there must be one physical activity and one social activity if you want to sleep with a smile on your face, some people claim to not have time but they still manage to complain about how depressing life is, and wait for someone else to make them happy.

Benjamin Franklin‘s daily schedule is simple and inspiring.


Anyone who longs for leaving a legacy behind should follow a daily schedule because a day, is a month, a month is a year, a year is a life, so if you want your life to be amazing you should make your day amazing first, by amazing I mean productive, and how else can you make the most out of your day besides making a daily time table as most great people did before you.

Schedules naturally let the Zeigarnik Effect take place, it is that craving of completing an activity after starting it . Schedules can change of course, that shouldn’t be a problem since what’s more important is how it represents a challenge which leads to either a feeling of accomplishment or a feeling of dissonance and remorse, I see it as a win win situation because in either case a time table will make you take control of the two evil enemies of growth: procrastination and laziness.

Be as specific as possible with your time table, by reducing time lapses for each task, for instance : instead of putting  ”homework in the evening”  put ”homework from 7pm-8pm”. what I personally do is divide my time into 30min fractions. I find it much more effective since it make me focus, never get bored and end up checking out Facebook, Not only that but I went as far as shutting off my phone or even stopping my service for a week or two.
I like Instagram for only one reason, it illustrates my point clearly, we’re instinctively more attracted to people who have more followers than followings, and who apparently appreciate their time enough to no waste it on others but rather spend each day improving themselves.
Speaking of social networks, I still can’t believe some people have never heard of Stumbleupon, I can’t thank enough the genius behind for it introduced me to travel hacking, I had no idea the concept even existed, now look at me, I can go to New York or Vegas for a weekend, stay in LA before going to Tokyo, Seoul and shanghai, and then chill out in the beautiful beaches of Thailand.

TV only teach you to be passive and since we’re lazy creatures, TV only make it worse, I love movies but what I noticed is when you make it a thing or a habit, you become action-less, and then let many opportunities  slip through your fingers on a daily basis, I also noticed that after watching a movie, I never use the new information supposedly learned, for the simple reason that it is inaccessible and goes to your subconscious mind, that’s why I started viewing movies as a waste of time or nothing more than an entertainment, as oppose to when you do some brainstorming  and live in a creative state of mind everyday by sharpening your it  as much as possible, try this: write down around  20 ideas per day, they don’t have all to be epiphanies, for instance I may write something like: – it feels good to talk to a crowd…

I read psychology and self-improvement books that blow my mind with new ideas, and make me feel owning superpowers, until I can’t take it anymore and end up sharing the knowledge that could change your life forever as well, I also talk to strangers on my way to work and before coming home, because that’s just that’s my perspective of a good day,  what’s yours?

Talking to strangers is such an important thing to do in order to feel socially full filled, your friends know you, and most importantly you know them, only by meeting new people and learning their life stories you can get new lessons, I’m no social master or social butterfly, but I remember once when I could never start a conversation with a stranger in a bus  no matter how easy it may look, right now I never miss an opportunity when it presents itself, and I’m always improving myself to create opportunities out of nothing and make it a habit, I couldn’t emphasize enough on how good it feels to make things happen, it makes you feel in control, I know I may sound geeky so if anything I’m glad because this journey changed my life and still making me grow as a person.

According to a research by Janet Polivy, our brain fears big projects and often fails to commit to long-term goals because we’re susceptible to “abandoning ship” at the first sign of distress.
Here is a really good strategy to make your unrealistic goals real: OK I want you to get a sheet of paper, draw four circles, the first one is your life and what you want to be remembered by, in the second circle you put what you want to be like after one year, in the third circle you put what you can do in one month that will make you achieve your year goal, and in the fourth one you put what you should do in each day to achieve your month goal.

More on Dreams and the art of building goals that beautifully shape your life on a separate post, so stay tuned dear reader and make your own time table right now and


Yassine L.

2 thoughts on “Which side of the screen would you rather be ? Part II

  1. I appreciate the quality of your work and effort as you made along this time. Your work is pure, since you do to help people and it makes you happy, and by concecuence you make money. Many writers lost theyr ways along the time and they finsh by loosing theyr self inforgeting what they’r doing this; they start writing for make money cause they think that it will make them happy and by concecuence they help people. Im glad you know who you are and what you want to get in life.

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