Why winning the lottery is not the answer ?


Imagine playing a game of football with no defense from the opposite team, add that you’ve been training for years to beat anyone that comes in your way.  Now, would you call it scoring a goal that way, If anything I bet it would probably only make you angrier. OK, compare that with actually winning when the other team is doing their very best to prevent you from scoring. I will even take it a step further, and make you picture scoring a goal in the first minute as oppose to scoring one in the last minute after 90 or 120 minutes of failing to do so, you finally did it, you feel like a million dollar jumping,dancing and crying out of joy.

What I’m trying  to say here,  is that life is a challenge game. Football  is only one example among countless others where you feel the joy only if you think you deserve it, it’s human nature, we are happy until we feel we paid a price for it.  If you go a guru and tell him Im not happy and I want to discover the secret of the universe, I want spiritual wisdom…  First thing is  he would put you through the mild , thus give you an unpleasant task just to make you suffer, because he knows that’s the only way you can appreciate his simple answer, probably along the lines of to be happy you should connect to your true gifts and show them to the world, without expecting anything in return.

It is the same reason why spoiled rich kids never grow up to be as successful as their parents who built the fortune.When I was in Los angeles last summer,  I went to see the Beverly hills, and as I was walking around what easily be the fanciest neighborhood in the world, on a warm sunny day as always, and after hours of just being blown away by where millionaires live, I saw a group of teenagers, probably around 15 years old. in their luxury car, in front  of their house,  and I felt the urge to go ask them: Really? are you freaking kidding me, how is your life like? I kept on walking as this though comes to my head and I kid you not, I felt blessed not being in their shoes, you may call me crazy, but bare with me here and let me explain why, see, building riches and  fortune is much more pleasurable than having it, its human nature again, Just like chasing a girl you want feels better than having her throwing herself at you, same apply to both genders of course.

Sometimes I ask myself this question: why is building a fortune harder than getting poor? why isn’t it the other way around? Absurd, true. However,  I know a french guy who leaves his country and go to Morocco just to start a new business and accumulate money from scratch  just for the sake of it  and then chooses to lose it all, and repeat the process all over again. Now that’s hardcore shit right there. not many people can pull that off, my point is: life is about the journey, not the destination, the process not the outcome, remember that.

Celebrities on money and happiness is one video that shines the light on how happiness doesn’t accept money as its factor,  we often hear the saying : money can’t buy happiness, but we never hear what would.  Most people study money making  but forget to study happiness and lifestyle. Why do so many celebrities start doing drugs and admit to have suicidal thoughts or even actually end up killing themselves? It’s the lack of purpose my friend, the second you ask yourself what am I doing with my life, you must start looking for a new dream no matter how big it is,  because the trick is to keep growing infinitely whatever your starting point is.

Yassine L.

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