Which side of the screen would you rather be ? Part I


There is two types of people, the watchers and the watched, the entertainers and the entertained. I haven’t been always the type of person who cares much about planing each step to get what I want, Instead I would mostly wait for stuff to happen to me, I use to believe that each person gets his share of quality in  life, so it didn’t matter much  how hard you work  if everything is predetermined.

At the end of the day we’re not all born to be leaders, it’s obviously a lifestyle choice. In fact the whole world is made of opposite poles, just like there will always be a poor and a rich, a passive and an active, so the question remains the same, whether you want to take charge of your destiny or let someone else decide it for you.

As I grew older and started reading some good books about great individuals in history, from complicated reads like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon hill to  more fast simple ones like “100 ways to self motivation” by Steve Chandler , I noticed something quite interesting.  Great Men or Women  all shared  the same traits and disciplines, to enable them to be remembered and

leaving a legacy behind that gets lectured in universities and impact future minds. I’ll make a list in a another article of these disciplines  that get will you pumped and make you start believing you can do it if you want to, meanwhile I encourage you to study and analyze your own model of a successful person.

When I decided to change some aspects of my life to be a leader instead of a follower, I chose to learn from Thomas Edison, Will Smith, Eminem, and prophet Mohamed (pbuh), I even imagine myself having meetings and conversations with this group and asking each one what enabled them to reach their life long goals.

A couple of months ago I started taking acting classes  to develop the confidence to perform in front of a camera. and I was lucky to meet an inspiring teacher/mentor who keeps blowing my mind with new ideas that makes me go Awwh each session. here is something he told us last week. If you wanna be a positive person that everyone loves to be around start acquiring more qualities starting with the letter P, and discard the negative attitude as follows:

– PosItive : perseverant, patient, passionate, persistent, present, prosper, punctual, proactive, peaceful, perfectionist, polite, potential, precious, productive, proficient, pro

Instead of :

Negative: naive, noxious, nobody, neurotic, neglect, narcissist,nemesis,notorious, nuisance, never, no.

 After making a first video, I see myself on camera and I think damn I look good , I should be an actor even if I tend to get shy sometimes, I know I can overcome that just like I did with many other things before, because I believe in change after strong enough desire.
Yassine L.

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