Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real, so Fear not my dear


“What We fear doing most is usually what we most need to do”
Don’t get me wrong though, fear is an essential feeling that is given to us to protect us from any danger out there, the same way our desire for immortality is too.

Today our brains are still hardwired the same way as thousands of years ago, what threatened our ancestors is undoubtedly different from what we deal with now. In other words, our emotional circuitry has not yet had the chance to adapt to today’s environment and the new way of living, because evolution in nature can’t keep up with this insane transformation over the last decades. I was born the same year internet was brought to life, 1990-1991. knowing that we’re only talking about 20 years difference here , think about a hundred years to a thousand years to ten thousand years ago.

When  fear is mentioned the first thing most likely to come to mind is death, as a result of  its highly rate in terms of decision-making back in time when a word coming out from a mouth could mean a head chopped off. No wonder my mind goes blank and freeze out in many occasions when I could speak up, or take action and do something. I shouldn’t forget to mention that female brain is different from a male’s one  , so if fear for a man would manifest itself as a freeze out , it would probably manifest as the complete opposite in the feminine world.

I always talk about living to one’s full potential, and what else besides fear that holds you down, and makes you live life as a watcher/thinker who never dare to approach his borders of comfort zone  and expand his bubble in worry of  blowing it up,  instead of a doer, an action taker who whenever an opportunity of growth presents itself, they don’t hesitate one bit to grab it and hold on to it until a new one is rises again.

To be a leader, you should either make fear your best friend and allow yourself to feel the emotion through out your whole body when facing a situation that requires courage, a good book to master this is ”feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers. Or  make it your first enemy and beat it down to the ground before it even get the chance to take over you by reducing the time before the action, and adopt the mindset of let’s find out how it will work out.

I want to end this article with  a few quotes :

”You are the one giving fear a leg to stand on.” ~Dodinsky.

To lead is difficult when you’re a follower of fear.  ~T.A. Sachs

The major key to your future is You.~Jim Rohn.


I hope this would give you a new perspective on how to deal with that phone call you know you should make but just don’t, from striking up a conversation with a total stranger you like that happens to pass by, to quitting a job you don’t like that bores you to death, to skydiving or base jumping, to leaving everything behind and starting a long trip without caring about the outcome but rather living the journey and following your dreams.

Dream big unrealistic dreams so that fear can’t stand a chance to how bad you want it. 


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