Addicted to taking risks


I did it, I finally pulled myself up from my office chair, and headed to my boss to tell him I am quitting.

After staying up late last Sunday until 2 am, it’s  Monday morning and somehow my alarm decided to play hide and seek with me, However, routine managed to wake me up, an hour late though, at 8:20 am, I called my boss to tell him I’m going to be late.

I take advantage of the situation and I decided to go to the Chinese consulate since I had already planned on going later this week,  I get all my documents and head to the consulate and apply for my visa. it went smoothly unlike the Japanese one that just wanted to know every little detail before according me the right to enter their country at the third attempt. It maybe because I have more experience now with their requirements,

Anyways back to the office, after standing from my chair and heading to my boss’ office,  I make a quick detour to the bathroom, gazing  in the mirror, I’m saying : you’re making a good decision, following what you really want, I was lucky enough no one was there,  I then go straight to my boss. when I get the same feeling as the moment  I was in an airplane waiting for the insane jump, the same feeling  I get whenever  I want to approach a girl, sober, it’s the true moment of taking a risk, and I LOVE it, it’s the most ALIVE I can get. it’s so amazing that after making it happen. I wanna dance, jump and shout from the top of my lungs followed by the truest smiles you can ever see in my face,  I want to get addicted to it, but more on this art of taking big decisions and taking action in a separate article to make sure I cover it more deeply.

The door was open. The same office I got interviewed in all excited, with butterflies in my stomach, two years ago hoping to get hired.
I then give him a receipt that had some Chinese characters, from the consulate, he looks at it, then at me with a confused face as I say:

<<Me: hello, I was in the chinese visa centre this morning, I have to tell you something, I am quitting my job on January,  the 17th is gonna be my last day here.

-Boss: oh, can I ask why?

-Me: yes, I got an opportunity I couldn’t say no to, I’m gonna be in Asia in the next 6 months.

-boss: and do you wanna come back and work here after or..? (this sort of surprised me, because I wasn’t expecting he would offer me such an option)

-Me: well, I’m not sure, I know it would be unusual situation and it’s up to you, I do appreciate you considering offering me my job when I’m back. (knowing that I would come back broke from my long trip, I had to show a positive attitude)

-Boss:  Yes, I will try to convince the Human Resources and explain to them your case, and you should know that you will start all over again in terms of seniority and everything.

-Me: I understand

-Boss: so I take this as an official resignation from you.

-Me: Yes and  I wanna thank you for everything, this was my first experience in this field ( industrial design) and I learned a lot from everyone here.

-Boss: .What can I say, I’m happy that you found an opportunity that you like,  but  at the same time, I wish there was a way to keep you among us because you are a good employer. and we were always happy with your work.

-Me: thank you very much.

-Boss: anyways you still have more than a month before you leave, we’ll talk another time. and make sure you send me an official resignation letter by email.

-Me: OK sounds good.>>  I go for a firm handshake. and just as I’m heading out I say : I’m gonna take a morning off next week, I have another appointment.

-Boss: No problem.

I walk out with a big smile on my face, I can’t help it, my colleagues probably thought I just had a promotion.  what’s even funnier is that I was full of energy for the whole day, and I’m sure I will be for the rest of the time I’m still there.

This  actually made me realize something about me, some would call it, I can’t commit, I see it as not being able to stand getting into a routine but rather living new experiences every other couple of years , so as oppose to most people who look for a permanent position, I’m starting to think a job with a contract, preferably not more than eighteen months, fits my personality better.

As of keeping you  guys  updated, my trip to Asia will start from Japan, which is the most expensive of all there besides south Korea, but not after reading How to Turn High Cost Japan into a Cheap Place to Visit  by nomadicmatt.

Wish me luck, and start thinking of your next big step toward your dream.


3 thoughts on “Addicted to taking risks

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  2. Yassine ! My heart will be with you and with all the travelers who are taking such great risks which give reason to living ! I wish to travel as soon as I can ! You inspired me tonight ! Enjoy your travels wherever you are !

  3. Thank you so much, I am very happy to hear that I could inspire other people to follow their dreams and discover new ones while travelling,
    And I’m glad you read one of my favourite posts yet.

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