Travelling alone is like going to a club alone

 base jumping

I’ve had my share of going to clubs for while before I cached the travel bug and decided to cut many expenses , and start saving in every way possible,  what I noticed is when I used to go out, I would call some friend to join me and most of the time, they would have something to do but that never stops me from leaving the house alone, and go out to enjoy the night,  Thus the same thing happens when I’d be planing a trip and can’t find anyone to join me. what’s even more strange is how  I started liking  travelling alone the same way I liked going out alone back then for many reasons as follows. Continue reading


Dream big and set unrealistic goals

confort is the ennemy of achievement
In the last four years I went through huge changes in my life, only because I was introduced to this Idea about having big dreams, early in my life, and how they shape your future without even realizing it. At 18 years old I decided to leave Morocco and go study in Canada and thanks to my mom who made this huge step possible, I started my independence life, and had to overcome many challenges that I believe made me who I am today, like having a first job while going to school,  19 years old, I was really  skinny  and because that defined me almost all my life it was really hard to change it. However after reading some good articles on the subject I eventually started going to the gym, with everyone staring at how skinny and weak I looked, I could have easily dropped it and quit, but that’s not me, I know better, I know that anything new looks scary at first and even painful, I had to hear that guy in the changing room, telling his friends to come and see me taking off my shirt, thinking I couldn’t understand Moroccan, I had to puke after eating too much on the way back home from the gym that one time. and that didn’t stop me, if anything, it only pushed me to work harder. I believe that having an exact image of how you want to look like in a predetermined time helped a lot as well, Sooner than I thought, after about 6 months I saw huge difference and a year later I got the body that made me proud to take my shirt off and have everyone telling me you got big, how did you do it?

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Which side of the screen would you rather be ? Part II

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”  ― Groucho Marx

Here’s an average working person’s daily routine: wake up at 8 am, go to work,  finish at 5 pm,  come back home watch some TV, eat dinner and go to sleep.

There is one psychological Study that  has shown  how to make your day a good day or the best day,  besides your work there must be one physical activity and one social activity if you want to sleep with a smile on your face, some people claim to not have time but they still manage to complain about how depressing life is, and wait for someone else to make them happy. Continue reading

Why winning the lottery is not the answer ?


Imagine playing a game of football with no defense from the opposite team, add that you’ve been training for years to beat anyone that comes in your way.  Now, would you call it scoring a goal that way, If anything I bet it would probably only make you angrier. OK, compare that with actually winning when the other team is doing their very best to prevent you from scoring. I will even take it a step further, and make you picture scoring a goal in the first minute as oppose to scoring one in the last minute after 90 or 120 minutes of failing to do so, you finally did it, you feel like a million dollar jumping,dancing and crying out of joy. Continue reading

Which side of the screen would you rather be ? Part I


There is two types of people, the watchers and the watched, the entertainers and the entertained. I haven’t been always the type of person who cares much about planing each step to get what I want, Instead I would mostly wait for stuff to happen to me, I use to believe that each person gets his share of quality in  life, so it didn’t matter much  how hard you work  if everything is predetermined. Continue reading

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real, so Fear not my dear


“What We fear doing most is usually what we most need to do”
Don’t get me wrong though, fear is an essential feeling that is given to us to protect us from any danger out there, the same way our desire for immortality is too.

Today our brains are still hardwired the same way as thousands of years ago, what threatened our ancestors is undoubtedly different from what we deal with now. In other words, our emotional circuitry has not yet had the chance to adapt to today’s environment and the new way of living, because evolution in nature can’t keep up with this insane transformation over the last decades. I was born the same year internet was brought to life, 1990-1991. knowing that we’re only talking about 20 years difference here , think about a hundred years to a thousand years to ten thousand years ago. Continue reading

Addicted to taking risks


I did it, I finally pulled myself up from my office chair, and headed to my boss to tell him I am quitting.

After staying up late last Sunday until 2 am, it’s  Monday morning and somehow my alarm decided to play hide and seek with me, However, routine managed to wake me up, an hour late though, at 8:20 am, I called my boss to tell him I’m going to be late. Continue reading

New york for a weekend

29 November 2013, My first time to New York, I dreamed about visiting this city for a long time, and I am definitely coming back and probably living there for a while.

I am so happy I got into travel hacking, knowing how to travel cheaply helps me not only to compare many places and see which meets my preferences and my personality but also meet new people who have the same purpose in life as me, which is not to  live the life you want until you retire at 60-65 years old, but rather live it while you are young and full of energy. Continue reading