Canada-USA tripping

Travel more, Travel now
and excuse the quality, it as recorded by iphone :), I will make sure I do a better job next time with my new camera!!


Live don’t exist (My bucket list)

Not a long time ago I stumbled upon a post named What’s on Your Bucket List?, which I honestly had no clue what it was about, thanks to my curiosity I got to discover how awesome it is to create a list of what you want to do in your life before you die. Continue reading

The key to change

Here is my take on change in terms of personal development and how it can get you whatever you want in life.

Admitting and willing to change your current lifestyle is unfortunatley not enough, what really works is building habits, one or two max at a time,

So how to build a new habit that will serve to get your goals accomplished?

– you frame it as a challenge, or even a game ,  whatever suits you,

– you  repeat the task daily for 30 days straight , and then you get the prize 🙂

Now here is why this works, psychological studies on this matter have proven that 4 weeks is the minimum time to get any behavior to transist from the conscious to the unconcious mind.

I know its easier said than done but trust me if you want to be the person you dream of , this is the way.

However. there is always people around you, from family to even close friends, that won’t be supportive of your decision towards changing your life’s path. because of the simple reason that no one likes to feel uncomfortable, and by changing and getting out of your comfort zone you are in a way pushing them to so the same.

There is an iphone app called LIFT designed especially to help you track your goals.

Motivation gets you started, HABIT keeps you going  -Jim Rohn

I hope this would help each one of you turn their dreams into realities within 4 weeks !!

For the long run, you might want to create a bucket list for yourself, but more on that on another post because I still didn’t figure out my own.

take risks and be safe.


Live life like a tourist

chilling at santa monica pier

chilling at santa Monica pier

I am sure everybody experienced at some point  that awesome state of mind where everything is just fun either on a spring break or on any trip really,

I often get compliments by random strangers when I am on vacation, whether on what I am wearing or how I look, so every time some girl would tell me you are really cute, I would  always respond by saying:  that’s because I am a tourist.

I can’t stress enough how living as a tourist  full-time can be rewarding, it just doesn’t get any better.

Generally speaking, nobody is rude to a tourist, what I may do sometimes even if I am at my hometown is get into that mindset and act like if I am not a local, from asking people about directions to starting a conversation about what’s good to see in the city, and if I can promise you one thing is that your day will be far better when you do this.

The human nature requires freedom , some people are just born to fly, and if you are like me, then you shouldn’t  wait for somebody to tell you when to come to work , when to take lunch and when to take a vacation, what you can and cannot do.

Now, learning to change yourself is the only way around that as Jim Rohn explains:

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job, if you work harder on your job you can make a living which is fine but if you work harder on yourself you can make a fortune which Is superpower”

Change can be challenging due to many reasons, I am not gonna get into that today, however what I can recommend is to build habits as it is a really powerful tool to get good lasting results.