The chains of routine

Free from chains

If you really think about it, you will see that your life is actually  borrowed because you are not promised tomorrow, so my question for you is simple: do you really want to borrow something and end up  returning it without getting the most out of it ?

The answer to that can’t be simpler than a NO.

So how to leave everything behind and get rid of anything preventing you from living the life you want ?

— What I personally do is kind of tricking myself into taking action before I have the time to think about consequences,  an example would be to book a non refundable flight, or buy a backpack or luggage, now obviously, you don’t have to be a fool with this, but you get the point.

—  Setting priorities  can go a long way into getting your goals accomplished too,  my priority today would be travel, this way,  every decision I make has to benefit my travel plans.

— I am sure everybody have heard at some point of their lives this saying: “things you own end up owning you”,                                                        In  “up in the air” George Clooney  as Ryan explains how you cannot move with a backpack if you fill it with all your possessions, home, car…

—  What I see happening to most people around me is that they get stuck in a routine, because they feel safe and comfortable, I say  don’t walk within the lines, because a normal life is boring.

-When I ask people what’s stopping them from travelling a common response is : I gotta get my life together before i do that, people often frame it as an ending result dream, instead of letting it be a way to figure out what they’re really passionate about in life .

– Finally I suggest taking risks to remove that fear of tomorrow, because only your personal experience can let you truly learn anything.

Stay safe.


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