To the backpacker lifestyle

free backpacker

I am currently 21 years old, and I am grateful that I started my path towards freedom at a young age ,

Here is how it first started for me during my first 2 week trip I’ve met a backpacker at my skydiving experience , we talked for a bit, I still appreciate him sharing with me his whole story,

it really inspired me into thinking about his lifestyle and how amazing it is, He had an income of barely over a 1000$, It really blew my mind at that time,

Not being exactly in his situation of owning 2 or 3 appartments, this made me think about my own possibilities to get a similar income. sooner than later I stumbledupon this website, after reading the first post I knew I can do this.

I encourage anyone who loves to travel but still think of it as a dream to really consider choosing a backpacker as a lifestyle.

stay safe.


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