my road to world tour

After working in an office for the past year, I took the  standard north american 2 week vacation, I had no idea how it would change my way of thinking about the whole work/vacation system, in two weeks I went to los angles,vegas, san fransisco, and miami, of course  I coudn’t fully enjoy each city, so when I got back to my hometown Montreal, I instantly knew this is not the lifestyle I want,  it was like a missing piece I had to experience for myself, a few weeks later, I stumbled upon a guy named Matthew Kepnes and his website, this guy really inspired me, he changed my whole mindset about travelling, from expensive and almost impossible, to holy crap I can do this, leave home,and travel the world.

I am currently still working at the same job, as I am planning for my trip to …everywhere

what I would like to end this post with is that if you can change your attitude then bingo everything else will fall into place.

If anyone want to backpack feel free to contact me

travel the world

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