On reflections and going back “home”

One of my favorite travel bloggers shares her perspective on going back home and how to stay a traveler at heart.

infinite satori

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

Jack Kerouac

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I started this blog a year ago. I used it to document my self-transformation, my journey, and to inspire others somehow with my photography and writings. A few months before this blog was born I had made the decision to quit college. I felt as though I wasn’t serving my soul’s purpose. I woke up and dragged myself to school everyday with this strong nagging feeling that I just wasn’t supposed to be there. That I needed to be somewhere else, doing something better with my life. Doing something that would fulfill the desires of my heart. So I decided to pursue photography and something I have dreamt of since I could remember: to travel the world.

And I did.

I spent three weeks with my friend in Costa Rica and Panama. Then I came…

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My trip to Busan, South Korea


After one unforgettable week in Tokyo, I head over to Busan,Korea, following my original itinerary. Now, here is the thing, I knew Tokyo would put the bar way too high and I can’t lie to you I was kind of afraid of getting bored there, but since  Korea was awesome enough to welcome Moroccans with no visa required, thus less headache, and more freedom, I stayed 3 weeks in Korea, 10 days in Busan and another 10 in Seoul, before departing to China. Continue reading

Out of gas in the middle of nowhere



It’s been almost three months on the road already and Hitchhiking have always been something I wanted to try but I still never had the courage to not book that train or bus ticket and instead just take the road and let go of any negative thoughts, meeting other hitchhikers didn’t help much, it inspired me, no doubt about that, but  what really did it for me and made me go like oh it’s a piece of cake is this: two days ago, I was travelling by motorbike to Lodge Cave, known as the biggest cave in Asia, 2 hours away from Pai, Thailand where I was staying. Continue reading

My trip to Tokyo


Some would call it crazy, some would call it adventurous, and many have already called it irresponsible, my long planning, has just come to an end, and now the fun part has just started.
Six months In Asia, first stop Tokyo. Now if you asked me before I got there, what do you know about Japan, Yassine?  My answer would be very shallow and naive, and so would everyone else who has never been there. Continue reading

My trip to Vancouver


Going to Vancouver was a decision I made as soon as I saw I had enough points in my Aeroplan account that  I can’t use in my trip to Asia since I’m eligible to get a free flight only if it’s a round-trip, it was kinda the same way I went to New York last November, I can’t stress enough how travel credit cards reward points pushes you to travel more, since it kills that indecision and hesitation we have before planing a trip. Continue reading

6 things I learned after 6 months into blogging

Before I started this blog I had the chance to meet someone who travels full-time during my trip to California last summer and seeing it first hand-made me believe I can do it as well. As soon as my short trip ended I started looking up ways to make money while travelling, I always knew that rich people accumulate their riches not by exchanging their time for money like how most jobs are, but instead exchanging value  for money. It was simple and clear enough for me and I attacked that concept in every way I could: Continue reading

Planing a trip is overwhelming

Few weeks back I had this question from a friend on Facebook : how is the planning of the trip? I looked at it and I felt the need of hugging the person maybe because it was the first time I actually got asked that exact simple question since I’ve been planing this trip for at least five months, I felt like I wanted to pour in everything to this friend I only talk to from time to time on Facebook, but I managed to squeeze into one sentence : “Its overwhelming actually, No one have asked me that exact question, I can write a book about it” Continue reading

Travelling alone is like going to a club alone

 base jumping

I’ve had my share of going to clubs for while before I cached the travel bug and decided to cut many expenses , and start saving in every way possible,  what I noticed is when I used to go out, I would call some friend to join me and most of the time, they would have something to do but that never stops me from leaving the house alone, and go out to enjoy the night,  Thus the same thing happens when I’d be planing a trip and can’t find anyone to join me. what’s even more strange is how  I started liking  travelling alone the same way I liked going out alone back then for many reasons as follows. Continue reading